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Vlog 2: Behind The Scenes at our January 2017 Dance Auditions

A couple of times a year we hold dance auditions to find new dancers to join our team. As our professional dancers work freelance for us then we have quite a high turnaround as dancers come and go throughout the year. This is why we like to make sure we meet and get to know a lot of new dancers so we know we have the right people for the right events.

We have a company policy that we don’t hire girls through showreels or CVs and headshots alone and that we must have them come to audition for us. This is so we get to see their personality too. We like friendly dancers who seem approachable and fun to work with as well as reliable and dedicated.

All dance auditions are different and we are often looking for different things depending on what events we have in the near future. It’s always good to get more than one opinion too. I’m the one who gets the applications and I decide who we invite to audition but then once we are at the audition I rely heavily on the opinions of my team too.

Having gone from being the person auditioning to being on the other side of the table auditioning people I now realise more than ever that it really is just about what we are looking for and when. Auditioning is tough and we do all we can to ensure that we make our auditions as easy as possible so that dancers can relax and maybe even enjoy it. After all if you are relaxed and having fun then you will perform at your best!

I’m very happy when dancers tell me that our dance auditions felt relaxed and enjoyable as I know that many dance auditions can be stressful and intimidating. I’m sure sometimes companies do that because that’s what they went through and now it’s their turn to put the next generation through the pressure! Ok that may be a little mean of me to say but all I know is that if my auditions feel relaxed and the dancers have fun then I’m doing my job right.

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