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Vlog 1: Behind the Scenes at a Charity Gala

This vlog is a backstage look at a charity variety show that I was part of back in November 2016. It was called Limelight and it was really fun to be involved with and I hope that this behind the scenes video shows you a little about what’s it’s like backstage.

Over the years I have worked as an event planner both with my own company and for others and I do really enjoy it. At first i really missed being the person who was performing but I’ve begun to get used to being backstage and I enjoy it more and more.

This video doesn’t have much dance but I thought that I would include it as I really respected and admired the acts that we worked with. I also absolutely love working in theatres and I feel very at home in them. I love the stark contrast between the pristine Front of House décor which is grand and beautiful and the functional backstage space which is often a little run down and very bland. It reminds me of how we portray ourselves to others and especially online.

It can be very easy to look at others online and worry about how amazingly well they are doing when you are struggling. It can feel like you will never get to where you want to go and that their life is perfect whilst yours isn’t. The truth is that this comparisonitis is going to squash your motivation and leave you feeling flat. Time to realise that behind everyone’s front of house is a slightly run down messy backstage where all the real work happens! Don’t compare your backstage with someone else’s front of house! Remember too that backstage can be so much fun!

I hope you have fun watching this and I would like to take this chance once again to thank all of the acts involved in this fantastic show.

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