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The Benefits of Working as a Freelance Dancer

Very often freelance dancers can be easily overlooked and sometimes even looked down on. People sometimes think that if you  don’t work full time in a dance company then you can’t make a living as a dancer but it’s not true at all. If you are organised and driven then making a living as a freelance dancer can not only be exciting and profitable but it can also sculpt you into a brilliant dancer and show you the variety that life has to offer.

Now more than ever we have the freedom to build our work around our lives. With the accessibility of the internet there are plenty of places for dancers to find work and with the ease of travel it is more simple than ever for dancers to travel to work.

Building a freelance dance career requires a lot of organisation and determination but in my opinion any administratuve stress that comes with the role is vastly outweighed by the experiences that you are open to as a freelance dancer. One day you could be working as a showgirl in a 5* venue and the next day you could be in denim shorts and a cowboy hat at a country fair dancing in between haystacks! It’s a fantastic way to get to experience all different styles of dance as well as different teams, different choreographers and different venues. Each and every ones of these will help to stretch and shape you as a dancer and every experience will teach you something new.

In this video I talk about the main benefits of life as a freelance dancer and how it should never be overlooked as a viable option for any professional dancer.

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