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How To Do Your Dance CV/Resumé

Everyone does their dance CV/resumé differently and everyone looks for different things when they come to hiring someone from their dance CV/resumé but you only get one chance to make a first impression and for dancers this is often it!

In this video I will go through some of the things that I look for when hiring dancers and what, in my opinion, makes a great CV or resumé

Remember this is just my opinion and there is more than one way of doing things but I like CVs/resumés that are clear and really easy to read. I don’t need it to be really long with page after page of jobs, I just need it to be clear and concise.

However you choose to put together your CV/resumé remember the following top tips:

  • Check your spelling; no excuse for spelling mistakes!
  • Get to the point; no-one wants to read a CV/resumé that goes on and on page after page!
  • Make sure your name and contact details are clear; if I want to hire you but I can’t find how to contact you I’ll probably just move on to the next person.

Even a smaller company like us gets absolutely bombarded with CVs and resumés when we post out a job so your details are going to be in a very competitive pile. Even on our small jobs that we have posted for just a few days we get so many applicants and they very often all have the same training and many of the same events like Move It or Disneyland performance with their dance school so I will often skim those bits and look for the jobs that stand out.

Don’t fall at the first hurdle with a terrible CV/resumé.

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