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The Importance of Small Dance Companies for Professional Dancers

When I say ‘small dance company’ I feel as though I may be selling many companies short as very often they are not small but what I mean is that these companies are the ones who will give you the short term contracts. One off events here and there or short runs of events without offering you full time work.

These companies are so important for dancers because they will not only be your saviours in between long contracts but they will also offer you variety and great network opportunities.

Yes I may be biased as I run Darley Dance which is a small dance company or looking at it another way then maybe I run one of these small dance companies because I know how valuable they are!

In my opinion every dancer should do some research and seek out at least a couple of small dance companies that align with the types of job that they enjoy. The casual freelance work that these companies offer can not only be a great way to earn some extra income when needed but they are also a fantastic way of meeting other dancers and getting to experience a huge variety of different events which will ultimately help you as a dancer.

When you work as a dancer, whether it is in a very long term full time contract with a dance company or a short term contract on a cruise ship or something similar, you can begin to feel a little stale doing the same things over and over and working with the same choreographers and the same teams. Doing something new can be great for clearing away the cobwebs. Small companies offer a huge variety of events and everything from showgirl work and childrens parties to hip hop dancing and cheerleading! Choose the events that appeal to you and then seek out the companies that may be able to offer you them. Working with different companies, at different events, with different choreographers and with different dancers will not only look great on your CV/resumé but will also widen your circle and help you to become a more well rounded dancer.

It can also be a huge amount of fun!

If you have any questions about working for a small dance company then please feel free to contact me. If I don’t know the answer then I will do my best to find someone who does!

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