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Interview || Emily Fetherston || What is it like to work at Disneyland?

I am a huge Walt Disney fan! I think that the man was a genius and I love that even after Walt Disney himself passed away that so many of his core values were held onto by his company. I think his story is truly inspiring and shows us that even when things seem so far out of reach that if you keep believing in yourself then you can make your dreams come true.

Ok so this may seem a little floaty and maybe even too cheesy for some of you but it’s true. Of course a lot of hard work has to be done alongside that goal to make those dreams come true but it all starts with a creative imagination. That’s what starts the ball rolling! Everything begins with one small idea and then you just have to give it space, feed it and let it grow.

For many dancers the dream is to work at Disneyland. For Emily that dream became a reality when she got hired for her very first professional job after dropping out of dance college! Not only was she going to work at Disneyland but she got the role of Cinderella! What a dream!

I absolutely loved talking to Emily about her Disneyland experience and I was really curious to know if the performers enjoyed it as much as they looked like they did.

I can remember going to Walt Disney World when I was really young and seeing the parades and the princesses and just thinking what an amazing job that would be. In fact it’s those visits to Disney that I credit for me wanting to become a dancer. It just looked like so much fun and so magical!

I never did end up applying for Disneyland but I’ve always wondered what it would really be like in the home of the most famous mouse in the world! I’ve since read countless articles talking about all kinds of horror stories of strict rules and unreasonable demands but the truth is that I’m not against strict rules if they are fair. Imagine the work it must take at Disneyland to keep standards so high and make sure that the magic is truly there!

I believe that you can see this in two ways, either you can complain about the rules and regulations or you can embrace them as part of the role that you have to play to keep the magic alive! If you truly love Disney and you really want to work at Disneyland then I think you will understand why the rules are there.

Emily loved her time at Disneyland and I loved hearing about it. It certainly put my mind to rest and if I had my time again then it would be top of my list of places to apply to!

If I had my time again! This makes me sound like I’m about 90- Mind you sometimes I feel like I am!

This interview is just a short preview of the full interview that I did with Emily. In the full interview I talk to her all about her dance career, why she dropped out of dance college and what her top tips are for anyone embarking on a freelance dance career.

The full interview will be on our podcast which is launching very soon.

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I just want to take this chance to say a huge thank you to Emily Fetherston for joining us for this interview. Emily and I have worked together a number of times over the last few years and not only is she a fantastic dancer but Emily is also one of the happiest and most positive people that you would ever wish to meet!

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Look forward to sharing everything we have in store for you,

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