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Interview || Steph Brown || What is it Like Being a Part Time Pro Dancer?

Steph Brown is a part time professional dancer who works in and around the East Midlands. During the day Steph has a ‘normal’ desk job but in the evenings and at weekends Steph embraces her passion for dance and works at as many events as she can manage.

In this interview I talk to Steph all about why she decided to go part time instead of full time, what kind of work she does and what it’s really like being a part time professional dancer.

I loved talking to Steph, partly because I always like to hear about dancers and their chosen path but also because I have been working with Steph for years and she’s a hardworking and dedicated dancer. Steph has done so many events with Darley Dance over the years that I’ve lost count but she also works with other dance companies and other agencies as well as teaching at 2 different dance schools! How does she fit it all in?!

Steph balances out her hectic life by taking as many holidays as she can throughout the year and making sure that there is always a little time set aside for her to get a massage or just relax. It’s really important for everyone to have that time set aside for themselves especially when you do a job that is so physically demanding! We need to be sure to look after our bodies!

Unfortunately the sound on this interview isn’t the best. It’s a little tinny and echoing on Steph’s side but instead of doing the interview again I decided to put this out there as Steph has a lot of valuable things to say and the imperfect sounds can be excused for the sake of a great conversation.

Throughout the video there are also short clips and pics of Steph performing at various events which I just love.

Our next post is also really exciting as Steph did a guest vlog for us and showed us what a week in the life of a part time professional dancer is really like.

Thanks for coming to chat Steph!

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