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How To Plan Your Week Like a Pro!

It can be so easy to put off doing admin work or to skip a rehearsal but if you want to make your living as a freelance dancer then you need to take yourself seriously (not too seriously though) and plan your week properly.

It’s really important for you, as a professional dancer, to be able to make that mental leap between seeing yourself dancing as a hobby and dance becoming your job. It can be especially difficult if you don’t have a long term contract in place or if you are not working full time in a dance company. It’s during these times of freelance work where you may be jumping between jobs that you need to be more organised and more structured than ever.

In my opinion there are 4 key things that you must make sure you make time for every week…

  1. ADMIN: Applying for new jobs, checking your week’s schedule, sending invoices etc.
  2. TRAINING: You should never stop learning so even if a class seems too basic-go to it! Keep Training!
  3. WORK: Schedule in work whenever you can and be sure not to double book yourself.
  4. REST: Do not forget to rest! Dance is tough on your body and everybody needs a break so be sure to take one!

Of course there are times when we don’t feel like doing any admin or we don’t want to go to a class or a rehearsal but keeping a balance of these 4 things in your life every week will, in my opinion, help you to keep a happy and balanced career.

I’m a big fan of doing my best to stay organised, I’m also very good at making a great plan and then watching it go out the window as life takes over! Having said that then if I set out with good intentions and a firm plan I do find it easier and easier to get back on the path each time I drift off. I read a quote once that said “We are only ever 2-3 good habits away from changing our lives!” How true is that? So I say let’s start with a plan and hope it becomes a good habit.

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