How To Do a Quick Ballet Bun Without Hair Grips

I have really long hair and people are always asking me how I manage to get my hair into a ballet bun really quickly and also how it stays there for the entire rehearsal. It’s easy really, I no longer use hair grips or bobby pins, I use corkscrews instead!


The typical ballet bun for a dancer is really important as whilst the fashion may be more and more toward dancers having their hair down for performances, although not in ballet, I still think that mastering a ballet bun is a good skill to have. In Rehearsal having your hair in a ballet bun is so helpful, mainly because when you do pirouettes or other moves where you have to whip your head then it much easier if long hair doesn’t whip you in the face seconds after you spin! The problem is that I found even with my hair in a ballet bun that unless I spent ages putting tonnes of grips in then it just kept falling out. Often flirting grips all over the room when it did. Then my mum bought me some corkscrews and it changed everything.


They are so easy to use and will keep any bun in position. I will never go back to using loads of grips and now I only ever use them to tidy my style.


This is just a really quick video to show you what I use and how I do it.


Ballet Bun with no grips!


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