Strictly Season Arrives!

I always get really excited when dance is brought into the spotlight so I love this time of year as Strictly Come Dancing is back on our TV screens and dance can become a topic of conversation once again.


Can you believe that it is series 16 of Strictly Come Dancing?! I’m sure it can’t be that long ago since it started! I can remember watching Natasha Kaplinsky and Brendan Cole dance their way to victory so clearly. I can’t believe how many years ago that was.


Oh dear, did that just make me sound really old?!


If you’ve never seen Strictly before or you used to watch it but perhaps have fallen out of the habit recently then I strongly recommend that you settle in on a Saturday and tune in because it looks like it’s going to be a great competition. If you’re an avid strictly fan then fantastic! Let me know who your faves are and let’s talk dance!


This Year


Ok so we’ve only had the launch show and the first performances but I’m already excited! At this stage I usually pick my favourites, perhaps condemn a few and then forget the ones who sit in the middle. Don’t get me wrong, I will often change my mind six or seven times and by the end I’ll usually swear blind that I knew said person would win right from the start but if I’m honest I’ve rarely predicted correctly from the beginning!

However that’s not going to stop me from trying!


So far this year I’ve already picked some faves but be warned, I’m fickle and they may change! Right now I’m loving Red Dwarf actor Danny & Amy, what a fantastic start to the show and he is so graceful.


I also love Pussy Cat Doll Ashley & Pasha and Steps Faye & Giovanni. These may be biased picks as I loved them before the show even started so they were always going to be winners with me!


You may be reading this and thinking, “well of course they are the best they have dance experience”, and you would be right….  in a way. Of course dance experience is going to give you an edge in some ways but also in other ways it may work against you. For example if you watch Ashley then you’ll notice her moves were quite slick and a bit popped which obviously worked against her with her waltz as she could’ve perhaps benefited from being a little softer. If you think back to how the Pussy Cat Dolls used to dance then that’s her training. Faye is also a little tight around her core but again that would fit in with the moves Steps often performed. Static and quite simple, very effective but not complex.


They will however benefit from having experience in picking up choreography and perhaps being a little more in touch with their bodies too so I do understand why some people think that having people who have already danced in the competition may be little unfair.


Having said that it is very hard to switch disciplines and the expectations for the dancers are much higher and people judge them much harder so it doesn’t always work in their favour.


I always like seeing athletes in these kinds of programmes too because I love to see how they work. It’s often much more methodical than most people and they are often, by nature, very competitive. As a competitive person myself I love this so I’m going to really enjoy watching cricketer Graeme & Oti and Paralympian Lauren & AJ.


Although over and above all of those I think the person who stood out the most for me on Saturday was Youtuber Joe Sugg. I didn’t know who Joe was before the show so I had no expectations but when he was in the group dance he didn’t really catch my eye. Then on Saturday his routine was just fantastic! We Brits love an underdog too so I think he’ll be really popular.


I would also love to see Katie Piper beat those nerves. You can see she has so much potential but all through her routine on Saturday I was screaming at the TV, “RELAX!” I hope that she manages to just sink into the experience and enjoy her time there as if she does I think her dancing will be fantastic!




I could probably waffle on all day about each couple but I’m in need of a cup of tea and I want to check out this new Strictly podcast too. I will however make one final comment… it’s all about the choreography!


If you are lucky enough to get paired with a great choreographer then they will show you off and the routine will be focused on what the judges want and what you do best. If you get a bad choreographer the routine will often lack content, maybe show the pro off instead of the celebrity and very often not work well.


I always feel a bit sorry for the celebs when they get paired with someone who isn’t a great choreographer.


I’m hoping this year to see some original routines, amazing costumes and I’m hoping for a few surprises too. A big sparkly cricket bat and a flying dress are a great start for me!