The Christmas Show

The Christmas Show is happening this year!

It’s always so exciting when an idea goes from fleeting thoughts on lazy days to then becoming an actual reality!

With Darley Dance Productions we have spent many Decembers working for other people’s Christmas events. Christmas parties, Christmas shows, Christmas showcases, family days, sports events and so much more and it’s been amazing! I have loved each and every one but I have always wanted to do my own.

This year in December Darley Dance will mark 10 years in business! An entire decade of dance is amazing and we want to celebrate so I decided it was time to do The Christmas Show I’ve always wanted to do.

Georgia is one of our production assistants and has been involved with Darley Dance Productions since the beginning. After talking to her at length about what I wanted to do she was on board! Georgia used to run her own amateur Musical Theatre Society when she was at university so Georgia is taking the lead with the singing whilst I am obviously overseeing the project and taking the lead with the dancers.

We decided that we wanted this Christmas show to have a real local feel! We wanted to do it in a church hall instead of a theatre and we wanted to keep it short enough for families to come all together and exciting enough to make them want to come again each year.

We want to make sure that the cast for this show is as local as possible so we have decided to do things a little differently.

We started looking at amateur dramatics and amateur musical theatre societies in Derbyshire and very nearby to Derbyshire and we couldn’t believe how many we found!! It would seem that this county is full of people wanting to perform and we want to find the best performers out there.

We are throwing open our doors and not just looking for professional performers but also looking for amateur performers who would like to take part in our show.

There must be hundreds of performers in this county and we are lookng for the best!

When we do a big event our rehearsal schedule can be quite demanding so we talked a lot about how we can make this accessible for amateurs and professionals alike and we believe that we have come up with the right balance.

Our show this year is going to be a semi-professional production. This means that we will run our rehearsals in a way that will be easy for everyone to be involved. They will be once a week for a couple of hours in the evening and our performers will not have to pay any fees or subscriptions.

We will train together as a team and the cast will have equal roles regardless of whether they are amateur or professional.

Then for our show dates in December the cast will be paid as they would be for any other of our professional events.

We are really hoping to bridge the gap between professional and amateur performers and we are so excited to find the best performers in Derbyshire to take part in our show.

We are looking for singers and dancers, male and female and our auditions are on July 15th.

If you would like to register to audition then please click the link below for your registraton form.


If you know anyone else who would like to audition then please share with them also.

We can’t wait to meet you at our auditions and we can’t wait to bring to you the best Christmas show to celebrate our 10th birthday!