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Vlog 11: A Sneak Peek Into Our Costume Workshop

Costumes are so important! If a dancer is wearing the right costume and feels good then she will perform at her best and enjoy every moment.

If she is wearing something she feels uncomfortable in then she won’t perform well at all!

When I started my company I was very keen to make sure that all of our costumes enhanced every performance that we did, made our dancers feel good and were finished to the highest quality. There are too many companies out there wearing cheap and cheerful costumes and I wanted original and quality.

Obviously quality comes at a price and that’s why I am so grateful to work with my mum who is a seamstress and costumier! I’m also very lucky as I am demanding and many people may not be willing to put up with my high standards! Thankfully mum also has extremely high standards and whilst there are many times that we may clash in the end it is worth it as we get to see the beautiful costumes bring the dance to life.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of a good dance costume but very often when we speak to audiences after our performances it’s the costumes they remember. Equally when companies approach us it’s often the costumes and the look they have in mind and we have to understand how to bring that look to life. It’s also absolutely essential to have top class costumes when we are cheerleading as we have to match our team uniform. Whatever the team is and whatever the sport is our girls have to look like they are part of the team whilst still looking like dancers.

It can be a tricky blancing act when you try to bring all of the elements together to make a performance great and I think that’s where working with mum really comes in handy. We may not agree on everything but having been brought up around the stage and theatre my whole life, thanks to mum, then there’s one thing we do agree on and that’s that the final piece should grab your attention and suit the event.

We work hard to make sure our dancers always look unique, perfectly polished and appropriate for the event they are performing at. We hope that in turn that makes then feel good and go out and do a great job!

This is a sneak peek at our costume workshop.

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