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Vlog 4: BTS With our Cheerleaders at the EIHL POFW 2017. Part Two- Sunday

This is part two our Darley Dance girls as ice hockey cheerleaders for the weekend. Just to be clear, we would do this every weekend if we could!
If you haven’t watched part one of our EIHL POFW 2017 vlog then you can watch it here.
This vlog is from the second day of EIHL POFW (Elite Ice Hockey League Play Offs Finals Weekend) and it was a great day! The final ended up being between Sheffield Steelers and Cardiff Devils and two of our most experienced girls from Darley Dance were in the costumes and representing these teams. The game went into double over time and the energy in the arena was tense and exciting as everyone screamed as loud as they could for a goal.
If I’ve said it once then I’ve said it a million times, this is such a great event to be part of and we are so happy and grateful that we get to join the fun!

Thanks to everyone from the EIHL for having us.
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