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Vlog 5: From Princess to Football Fan

One of the things I love most about being a freelance dancer and about running a company like Darley Dance Productions is that you never quite know what your days will be like. You get to work with so many amazing people and in so many different situations that sometimes you can’t quite believe that this is the life you get to live! I can remember being on the phone once and saying,

“No problem, I’m just finishing off Elvis’s belt and then I need to sort Santa’s boots out and I’ll be ready.”

My friend on the other end of the phone just laughed because of how crazy this sentence sounded but that’s how crazy it can be and I love it!

In this vlog Steph starts the day at a childrens party which we didn’t take video of as it’s a kids party and we don’t tend to take video unless the parents have said they are happy with it. The children’s parties are all about playing games with the kids and chatting to them all about life as a princess. We do a dance-a-long too and basically get to be a big kid in a magical world. After the princess party we had to get straight into the car and head to Burton to quickly get ready for cheerleading at Pirelli Stadium. A very different event indeed!

We performed both a pre-match routine and a halftime routine it was certainly an active day. There were a couple of sound issues and I found myself climbing a crazy narrow ladder in high heels and a skirt to get the back up music to the sound guys ready for halftime but I’ve worked in events for years and know that glamour perhaps goes out of the window when tech issues are involved!

It was a chaotic day but so much fun and I hope you enjoy watching the video.

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