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Vlog 6: With Guest Vlogger Steph Brown- A Week In The Life Of….

It was really great to talk to Steph on our last video about what it’s like to be a part time professional dancer. It was interesting to hear all about how she juggles everything from her day job and home life to her teaching jobs and dance life. It’s sounds like a crazy time and I asked Steph if she would mind doing a vlog for us so we can get a real sneak peek behind the scenes which is exactly what she did.


In this vlog we follow Steph around as she goes from her day job in an office to her teaching jobs and to a couple of events that she had booked in this week. We get to go behind the scenes as Steph takes part in a 1920s event as well as when she works as a professional cheerleader at Pirelli Stadium for Burton Albion Football Club. Not only that but we also get to have a look at her office and her teaching jobs. It can be difficult for some people to imagine that they can have both the security of a day job but also pursue their passion and take on dance jobs as well and I think that Steph really is an inspiration and proof that if you are organised and dedicated then you really can have the best of both worlds.


I really enjoyed this vlog as I think that it’s fun to watch the craziness and to get a glimpse at how varied and exciting life can be if you just go for it and say yes to your dreams!


I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Steph for sharing this vlog with us.


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