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Vlog 7: Behind the Scenes at an Event With Our Hostesses

There are many reasons why a dancer may choose to take on work as a hostess or a promo model. These events can not only help bridge a gap in pay and help make a little extra money but they can also give dancers a break.

No matter how well trained you are or how talented you are there are always going to be times when you get injured or maybe just exhausted. Freelance dancers are self employed and really struggle if a niggly injury is causing them grief or if exhaustion is kicking in after a particularly busy period and that’s where hostess events and promo events can be absolutely fantastic!

Working in events is something that freelance dancers are used to so the hours and atmosphere is nothing new but there is no pressure of having to dance with a tired or injured body.

It’s such a shame that these kinds of events are often over looked by dancers because they really can be very valuable and they can be a lot of fun too! It’s good to know that there is work out there even if you can’t do every dance job that comes your way and they offer a little extra security too. If I was a freeleance dancer now then I would absolutely keep my eye out for companies who offer corporate hostess work and maybe even seek out a couple of promotional agencies too. Nothing wrong with having options!

This behind the scenes video above is from an event that we did at Pride Park Stadium. I’ve worked as an event planner for years both within my own company and for other companies and for this event I was not only a hostess but also part of the event planning team. It was a crazy event but a lot of fun.

If somebody asks me about a hostess event then I would always say, ‘don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’ as in my opinion they can be a great addition to a freelance dancers career. Having said that always be sure to check out any agencies and companies that you sign on to. Do your research and ask other dancers for recommendations.

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