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Vlog 8: Behind the scenes at a Great Gatsby Event with our Flapper Girls

It’s always fun to play a character as a dancer and there is no decade more fun than the 1920s…. except possibly the 1950s! Anyway it’s never going to be a dull day when you get to dance in fringed dresses and be flapper girls.

This event was a lot of fun. It was a red carpet screening of The Great Gatsby and the entire event was themed and dressed for the 1920s. I was part of the team of event planners who put this event together and we really did have fun doing it. Our girls got to sing and dance their way back to the 1920s whilst guests were treated to customised chocolates, champagne and prizes before settling in to watch the film on the big screen. It was a glamorous event and we had so much fun being part of it.

The 1920s is a great era for dance and when we were choosing the look that we wanted our flapper girls to have we looked into the costumes of the time. I was really surprised to learn that the term ‘flapper girls’ doesn’t come from the fringing on the dress as I had thought but from the shoes instead. Apparently these ladies wouldn’t do their shoe straps up so they would flap around when they were dancing thus giving them the name ‘flapper girls’. A little random fact that I found interesting and that I thought I would share with you.

It’s not our first 1920s event and I’m sure it won’t be our last as since the latest version of The Great Gatsby film came out the demand for flapper girls has returned. I think Baz Lurhman brought to life Gatsby’s parties in a way that hadn’t been done in the previous films and now everyone wants to be part of it.

We aren’t complaining as we love being flapper girls, although our shoe straps are firmly tied!

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