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Vlog 9: Behind the Scenes with our Cheerleaders at Burton Albion

I wanted to put together a Burton Albion Cheerleaders season highlights video but unfortunately we weren’t very good at taking videos all the time! Some games we took loads and others we took none so it seemed a little daft to refer to it as highlights when I know that unfortunately some of the best moments of the season were not recorded.

Having said that then we did get some really great videos and I thought that it would still be fun to include them in a video together.

Cheerleading can be so different and so similar all at the same time. It varies greatly from sport to sport but there are always elements that are the same. Interacting with the kids and the fans is a big one! The kids absolutely love cheerleaders and we always have a lot of fun chatting to them along with the club mascot. The mascot at Burton Albion, Billy Brewer, is fantastic! From club to club and sport to sport our cheerleaders always go down well with the kids.

Weather is a also big factor between sports! It may sound obvious to say but we always forget this until we get to the games. Ice hockey is indoors so we’re warm and secure that the game will go ahead. Cricket is in the summer months so we have had some of the most glorious days out on the field, we’ve also had the frustration of rainy days causing the games to be cancelled altogether. Football is through the winter so at the beginning and end of the season then we’ve had some beautful days out on the pitch but the middle brings cold winds, dark afternoons and often freezing weather! We’ve danced before with Darley Dance at Derby County Football Club when it was below freezing and we’ve stood at the sidelines at Alfreton Town Football Club in the blazing sun. The football season brings all weather and at the Pirelli Stadium we got to experience it all.

Cheerleading is always fun though, whatever the weather and we were very happy to join Burton Albion in their first season in the Championships.

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