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Hello Dancers,

Sometimes when you log on to a website like this it can be so confusing to know where to start so let me give you a little helping hand.

We have all kinds of things for you to explore and it depends on what you came here for.

If you’re a dancer who had recently started turning your dance hobby into a career and don’t know where to start then you may want to check out our top tips videos here.

If you want to see behind the scenes with our dancers either with Darley Dance Productions or with any of our guest vloggers then be sure to check out those videos here.

If you love hearing what other dancers have done or feel like you need some inspiration for your own career then have a watch of our interviews here.

If you don’t fancy watching videos and would prefer to read then you can find our written blog posts here. We chat about all things dance related!

We send out email updates but don’t worry our updates are always short and sweet and we do not spam you! If you want to be included in our updates then click here.

There are also loads of ways you can follow us so whatever your preferred social media platform is then we’ll probably be there somewhere!- Just to let you know, instagram is our fave!

Instagram: @thefemaledancer or our core company @darleydance

Our YouTube channel: The Female Dancer

Twitter: @darleydance

Facebook: Darley Dance

Pinterest: The Female Dancer or our core company Darley Dance

Of course you can always get in touch by emailing Abbi at

Thanks so much joining us and we hope that you find what you’re looking for and enjoy hanging out with us here. If there’s anything that you’d really like to see then let us know,

Look forward to hearing from you,

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